An electrical solutions company, Sconet Nigeria Limited is geared towards the future with the vision to be the preferred solutions provider.

Electrical Solutions Providers in Nigeria and West Africa.

With the ever increasing innovations in IT technology and systems, the expanding high density integration of components and devices have made most electrical equipment and systems very vulnerable to external influences such as lightning and surge voltages.

Sconet Nigeria Limited offers expert electrical protection solutions based on international recommended procedures using world class products.

Our experience in the industry is deep and varied with efficient offshore technical relationships. We have contract services with several financial institutions to ensure the availability of their equipment and systems for on-line, real time banking services.

In the industrial sector, we distribute world class connection and instrumentation device technology from Phoenix Contact and enclosure systems from Rittal. Whether for the food industry, industrial control cabinets, electrical distribution cabinets, computer systems networking racks, we provide certified enclosures and racks from Rittal. We also provide Rittal’s direct cooling systems for industrial enclosures.

Furthermore, to ensure that data centers and control systems are up and running, we provide UPS systems and Inverter systems depending on the requirements of our clients.

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Global Partners

Our Services

  • Structural lightning protection
  • Surge voltage protection
  • Industrial connection and interface devices
  • Electrical earthing
  • Data centre infrastructure
  • IT networking infrastructure
  • Industrial enclosure systems
  • Climate control systems
  • Renewable Energy and power inverter systems
  • Power Quality and Conditioning
  • electrical component Phoenix Contact
  • electrical component Rittal
  • electrical component Rittal

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